Fresh Shellfish from Scotland’s most Sustainable Loch

Sustainability Through Effective Management Of Inshore Waters

Nestled along the captivating west coast of Scotland, Loch Fyne is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. It proudly holds the title of the longest sea loch in Scotland. Renowned worldwide, this picturesque location is known for its exceptional locally sourced seafood, maintaining utmost authenticity

We work closely with local fishermen and divers, focusing on the protection and sustainable management of our waters. We firmly believe that we need to preserve our natural resources for the benefit of future generations and the well-being of our oceans.

As a fishing-based family we are staunch advocates that fishermen and fish farmers should be at the heart of sustainable fisheries practices.

Jamie Macmillan

Managing Director

Key to achieving this vision is the effective management of inshore waters, to ensure a bountiful supply of premium shellfish for our valued customers.

As part of the west coast of Scotland, the region is actively embracing progressive practices in sustainable management and fishing techniques. This commitment to safeguarding the aquaculture and marine environment aligns wholeheartedly with our values at Lochfyne Langoustines. We are dedicated to supporting and upholding these responsible approaches to ensure the preservation of our natural treasures for generations to come.

Sustainability Diver