Fresh Shellfish from Scotland’s most Sustainable Loch

Scotland’s Finest Premium Shellfish

Established in 2012, Lochfyne Langoustines Ltd takes immense pride in its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to sustainability and harmony with nature. Our roots are firmly planted in the scenic village of Tarbert, situated along the shores of Loch Fyne on Scotland’s west coast. As a thriving shellfish processing and international export enterprise, our reach extends from North America to Far East Asia and many places in between.

To ensure the finest quality products for our valued customers, we have created strong partnerships with trustworthy fishermen and divers. We meticulously track the catch and delivery process, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Drawing from the mineral-rich waters of Scotland’s west coast, we boast access to the best premium shellfish available in today’s market. Our passionate commitment to sustainability and responsible fisheries management forms the core of our business values. Through ongoing research and industry progress, we strive to create healthier oceans, respecting and safeguarding nature while fostering the prosperity of local businesses.

We encourage our customers to step outside their culinary comfort zones and reconnect with the origins and value of the food on their plates. Even if it’s something new or unfamiliar, we invite them to embrace the delicious seafood, nurtured in our pristine waters.

In support of our local fishing community, we have established agreements with small-vessel fishermen and divers, seeking to boost the region’s economy and preserve the centuries-old fishing tradition that defines our area.

To deepen our understanding of marine ecology, wildlife, habitat, toxicology, and external impacts on our waters, we have forged a valuable partnership with Glasgow University, initiating essential research projects.

Recognising our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, we are actively working towards becoming a more environmentally conscious and sustainable business. Our commitment includes recycling polystyrene boxes in collaboration with a local business and exploring alternatives to non-recyclable materials, aiming to achieve a future where we are 100% landfill-free.