Providing Quality Shellfish from Loch Fyne to the World

From Sea to Plate, Lochfyne Langoustines Delivers the Finest Live Shellfish

As an international live shellfish export company, Lochfyne Langoustines Ltd take immense pride in sharing the bountiful treasures of Scotland’s West Coast with the world.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to source only the finest premium Scottish shellfish, caught locally by skilled and experienced fishermen and divers.

These pristine waters, teeming with marine life and enriched by essential minerals, contribute to the exceptional taste and quality of our shellfish.

Our showcase of premium Scottish shellfish

Live and frozen options are available for specific products we provide

Scotland Finest Premium Shellfish


Sustainability Through Effective Management


Worldwide Shellfish Supply: From Loch to Everywhere

With a focus on global trade, our reach extends far and wide. We delight in supplying our delectable products to customers across the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and North America. Each shipment carries the essence of Scotland’s coastal charm, showcasing the best of what our region has to offer.

Worldwide Shellfish Supply
Sustainable Shellfish Farming for a Sea of Tomorrow

Sustainable Shellfish Farming for a Sea of Tomorrow

At Lochfyne Langoustines Ltd, the spirit of tradition, respect for nature, and dedication to sustainability intertwine harmoniously. We are more than just a business; we are ambassadors of the sea, striving to uphold responsible fisheries management and advocating for a healthier marine ecosystem.

Where Ocean Delicacy Meets Scottish Excellence

Our journey extends beyond mere commerce; it is a celebration of culinary exploration and a deeper connection to the origins of our food. Through our products, we invite customers to savour the distinct flavours of the ocean, appreciate the efforts of local fishermen and divers, and immerse themselves in the rich maritime heritage of the West Coast.

With every shipment that leaves our shores, we carry the legacy of our ancestors who, for generations, have cherished the sea’s gifts and passed down their wisdom to future stewards of the land and water. Lochfyne Langoustines Ltd embraces its heritage, and we continue to forge ahead, pioneering in the global seafood industry while preserving the essence of our coastal traditions.

Lochfyne Langoustines Ltd stands with a great sense of pride in its remarkable and distinctive heritage. Situated in the quaint and picturesque village of Tarbert, nestled in the heart of the Mull of Kintyre on Scotland’s enchanting West Coast, our roots run deep in this traditional fishing community.

The Mull of Kintyre, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rugged coastline, provides an idyllic backdrop to our family-run business.

Surrounded by the glistening crystal-clear blue waters of Loch Fyne, our location is nothing short of a natural marvel. The unparalleled beauty of the area, with its majestic sea views and serene atmosphere, is an essential part of what makes Lochfyne Langoustines Ltd truly special.